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Conference Papers林老生*;陳佳欣, 2019.08, '提升大地起伏模型精度之研究, ' 2019年海峽兩岸土地學術研討會論文集, 中國土地學會, pp.481-491.(*為通訊作者)LIN, LAO-SHENG
Journal Papers邱政憲;林左裕*, 2019.07, '影響壽險業房貸違約因素之研究”, ' 住宅學報,.(TSSCI)(*為通訊作者)(本論著未刊登但已被接受)LIN, TSO-YU
Conference PapersAndrea Nass*;Nicolas Manaud;Stephan van Gasselt;Trent M. Hare, 2019.07, 'Towards a new face for Planetary Maps: Design and web-based Implementation of Planetary Basemaps, ' Advances in Cartography and GIScience of the International Cartographic Association, International Cartographic Association, pp.1-8.(*為通訊作者)STEPHAN VAN GASSELT
Journal Papers孫振義*;曹妤, 2019.06, '綠建築評估項目對住宅不動產估價調整率之影響, ' 住宅學報, Vol.28, No.1, pp.27-50.(TSSCI)(*為通訊作者)SUN, CHEN-YI
Journal Papers林左裕*, 2019.06, '應用網路搜尋行為預測房地產市場, ' 應用經濟論叢, No.105, pp.219-254.(TSSCI)(*為通訊作者)LIN, TSO-YU
Book ChaptersYu-Hsin Tsai*;Tzu-Chin Lin*;Shih-Yuan Lin*;Stephan van Gasselt*;Chia-Lin Chen*;Chia-Hsin Hsu*, 2019.06, 'The Effects of Green Energy Production on Farmland: A Case Study in Yunlin County, Taiwan, ' Land Use, IntechOpen Limited, pp.1-10.(*為通訊作者)STEPHAN VAN GASSELT
Book ChaptersTsai, Yu-Hsin;Lin, Tzu-Chin Lin;Lin, Shih-Yuan;van Gasselt, Stephan*;Chen, Chia-Lin;Hsu, Chia-Hsin, 2019.06, 'The Effects of Green Energy Production on Farmland: A Case Study in Yunlin County, Taiwan, ' Land Use, IntechOpen, pp.1-10.(*為通訊作者)LIN, TZU-CHIN
Journal Papers邱式鴻*;謝耀震, 2019.05, '以四旋翼UAS酬載感測器取像製作數值表面溫度模型, ' 台灣土地研究, Vol.22, No.1, pp.1-28.(TSSCI)(*為通訊作者)CHIO, SHIH-HONG
Journal PapersChen-Yi Sun*;Soushi Kato;Zhonghua Gou, 2019.05, 'Application of Low-cost Sensors for Urban Heat Island Assessment: A Case Study in Taiwan, ' Sustainability, Vol.11, No.10, pp.2759.(SSCI, SCIE, SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者)SUN, CHEN-YI
Journal PapersChen-Yi Sun*;Hsiu-Hsiung Tai;Ai-Ching Yen, 2019.05, 'Use of Planning Training Courses and Activities to Enhance the Understanding of Eco-Community Planning Concepts in Participatory Planning Workshop Participants: A Case Study in Taiwan, ' International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol.16, No.9, pp.1666.(SSCI, SCIE, SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者)SUN, CHEN-YI
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