Academic Performance

Conference PapersGautreau, R.;Chawla, H.;Chang, J.;Jan, J.F.;Lee, S.T.;Savin, W., 1986.11, 'Physics Experiments on Interactive Video Discs, ' Proceedings of the 28th International Conference of the Association for the Development of Computer-based Instructional Systems, pp.503-506.JAN, JIHN-FA
Book Edited張金鶚, 1986.10, 'Explanation and Forecasting of National Housing Investment:A Comparative Study in Taiwan (ROC) , Korea (South), Japan, and the U.S.A., ' Chang, Chin-Oh.CHANG, CHIN-OH
Book Edited陳奉瑤, 1986.06, '限制農地移轉法令與實施成效之研究, '.CHEN, FONG-YAO
Journal Papers顏愛靜*, 1986.06, '兼業農之功能分析, ' 地政論壇, Vol.0, No.8, pp.42-49.(*為通訊作者)YEN, AI-CHING
Conference Papers張金鶚, 1986.05, 'Housing Development in Asian Transitional Countries: A Comparative Study in Taiwan (ROC), Korea (South), Singapore and Hong Kong, ' 第八屆美南國建會科學工程技術討論會.CHANG, CHIN-OH
Journal Papers顏愛靜*, 1986.05, '談臺灣當前農業問題, ' 地政會刊, Vol.0, No.19, pp.21-25.(*為通訊作者)YEN, AI-CHING
Journal Papers顏愛靜, 1985.07, '「土地投機與地價政策」載於我國土地問題與土地政策, '.YEN, AI-CHING
Journal Papers陳奉瑤, 1985.05, '發展觀光農村的可行性, ' 人與地,.CHEN, FONG-YAO
Journal Papers顏愛靜*, 1985.05, '論田賦應否改課地價稅, ' 地政論壇, Vol.0, No.7, pp.43-56.(*為通訊作者)YEN, AI-CHING
Journal Papers顏愛靜*, 1985.05, '西德的土地租佃(Land Lease in the Republic of Germany),Ernst E. Lipinsky, Bernhard Wehner 著, 顏愛靜譯, ' 地政會刊, Vol.0, No.18, pp.17-25.(*為通訊作者)YEN, AI-CHING
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