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Date 2020-02-10

Brief History
The Department of Land Economics (DLE) has a glorious history which traces back 
to as early as 1932; originally, DLE offered only the bachelor degree and served as a pioneer 
in the land economics in the country. Decades later, in order to train for more advanced 
professionals and potential researchers, among others, DLE advanced with the establishment 
of the
 master's program in 1968 and the doctoral program 1981. Along with the development 
and growth of the department, in 1993, two primary specialties of the department, i.e., land
and land resources planning (focused on urban and regional planning) officially
two independent programs under the umbrella of land economics for the undergraduate 
education. In 2000, a third program – 
geometics, was established to add one more major to the 
department. In 2002, with the help of the professionals' Master's Program of Land Economics
, the education subjects of the department were further extended to working
professionals to have life-long learning opportunities as well as to earn an NCCU's master's
degree while continuing to work full-time.


Land Management Program
    The curricula of Land Management Program focus on land policy and laws, real
estate investment and agency, land valuation, as well as land finance. This program
is intended to train professionals specialized in land administration, land laws, land
registration, real estate investment and agency, and land valuation for both public
and private organizations.

Land Resources Planning Program
    The Land Resources Planning Program is designed for students primarily
interested in urban and regional planning and utilization of land resources. The
curricula are designed to equip students with knowledge, techniques, and
hands-on experiences on practical spatial planning. Graduates from this major
will also have the knowledge and course credits required to participate in
national examinations for the urban planner's certificate, for the civil servant in urban
planning related agencies, as well as expertise necessary for being a professional in
state land planning, regional planning, urban planning, and real estate development.

Geomatics Program
    The Geomatics Program makes available to the students with the up-to-date
knowledge and technology in the study of remote sensing, global positioning system,
geographic information systems and science, information science, and land
management and planning. This program offers comprehensive curricula both
on theoretical knowledge and practical training. Graduates from this major are
employed by public agencies and private firms.

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