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Date 2020-02-10

   With a combination of social and engineering sciences, the curricula 
of Department of Land Economics focus both on the fundamental theories 
and practical skills of land economics, land management, land resources 
planning, and land surveying and information. The objectives of the 
curricula are to train students interested in
academic research, or in 
professionals of land use planning and management, land 
registration, land appraisal, real estate investment and agency for both 
public and private sectors. Main features of the department include:

Excellent Faculty

    All the faculty members of the department are 
experienced in teaching and practical applications. The specialties of the 
include land economics, land appraisal, land laws, real estate 
investment and agency, land development, land surveying and information, 
and urban and regional planning
. A total of 30 full-time and adjunct faculty 
members have doctoral degrees and three hold master’s degrees, all granted
by the finest universities in Taiwan or foreign countries. Currently the faculty
 staff members of the department are composed of:

    15 professors
     5 associate professors
     4 assistant professors
     3 adjunct professors
     5 adjunct associate professors
     1 adjunct lecturer
     4 administrative associates

Comprehensive Programs

    The Department of Land Economics provides quality education in land
economics related disciplines. Through comprehensive undergraduate
and graduate programs (master's and doctoral degrees), the department makes
available to the students valuable knowledge for advanced research as well as
professional skills for a successful career.

Well Designed Curricula

    The curricula are designed to train students to meet the needs of the job
markets, as well as the social economic development of the country. Graduates
of the department usually are qualified to obtain professional or technical certificates
in various disciplines, such as land appraisal, land administration, real estate agent,
urban planning, and land surveying.

Continuing Education for Working Professionals

    Aiming at improving the academic and professional knowledge and skills of working
the Master Program of Land Economics (MPLE) provides a degree-based
program for those currently
 working either in public agencies
or private firms in a range
of land-related disciplines such as land management, land appraisal, urban
planning, and land surveying.