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Date 2020-02-10

The department emphasizes on interdisciplinary study, and concentrates its research on the areas of theory of land economics, land management, urban and regional planning, and land surveying. In order to meet students’ interests and academic development, when entering the department undergraduate prospective students can choose from one of the three programs: land management, land resources planning, and geomatics.

All three programs share some common ground; some core courses are required be taken by all the students. However, the students of all the three programs are able to specialize in their interests through the respective curriculum specifically designed each program. The department reexamines the curricula of the department and of the programs every three years to keep pace with the progress in the society and academia, and to achieve her missions of preparing students to cope with the social development and to become experts in both the public and private sectors. 

Currently, there are 24 full-time faculty members in the department, and all of them hold a doctoral degree. They are all specialized in certain distinctive research areas, such as land use and control, real estate appraisal, urban planning, urban renewal, land and environmental laws, the theory of land economics, urban growth management, real estate investment and development, land surveying, public policy analysis. 

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